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Work First

Work First is an employment program for families with children under the age of 18 living in the home.  This program assists with locating and maintaining employment and pursuing child support.  A cash benefit and other services are provided to meet the needs of the family while the adult client fulfills the employment-related requirements of the program.  Services are also available to eligible parents or caretakers who are already employed and need assistance retaining employment.


Child-only benefits are available to eligible non-parent relatives caring for minor children.  This program provides a cash benefit and other services to families with children deprived of parental support in the home.



Work First Family Assistance provides temporary monthly assistance to families with children. All families are required to sign a Mutual Responsibility Agreement that details their plan to become non-dependent on public assistance. Most families that include an adult are subject to a federal 60-month time limit and a state 24-month limit on receipt of this assistance.

In order to be eligible for a WFFA check:

  • There must be a child age 18 or younger in the home,

  • The child (ren) must live with an adult relative who is within a certain degree of kinship or with a non-relative who has legal custody or legal guardianship,

  • The family must meet income and resources guidelines,

  • Unless exempt, adults in the household are subject to work requirements,

  • All family members need to provide or apply for Social Security number,

  • Must meet citizenship and residency requirements,

  • Must cooperate with Child Support requirements when applicable.


In lieu of a monthly WFFA check, families may receive Benefit Diversion.

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